Night Riders ($TNR)

The Frog and Rat friends on an adventure of a lifetime. CA: 0xB6D477b27a373947b6Eb2e6927CEd7642AbA1002

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The Night Riders is Matt Furie's whimsical, imaginative story of a night frog and a mouse, who encounter a cast of wild and colorful characters on a dirt bike adventure.

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Matt Furie's The Night Riders - one of his first ever picture books - we pay tribute, ape into $TNR to become a night rider and ride our way up to high market caps that will surpass the dreams of many degens.


$TNR has a 1% tax on every transaction that goes towards supporting the $TNR ecosystem.

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Phase 1:

- Launch on ERC20

- Community Growth

- Telegram and Twitter Marketing

- Custom Meme's

- Website Release

Phase 2:

- CMC & CG Listing

- Further Social Media Marketing,

- CEX Listings

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How to Buy

1. Buy Ethereum from an exchange (Coinbase/Binance etc)

2. Install a wallet such as Metamask/Trust Wallet

3. Send Ethereum to your wallet address.

4. Connect wallet to uniswap, and paste the contract address in.

5. Use 1-2% Slippage so your purchase goes through.

6. HOLD!

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